Company overview

As a company specializing in food marketing,
we are able to propose and implement practical marketing activities
from the customer’s perspective.

Company overview

Company: Sunnylive Inc.
Address: 〒104-0061
2F Ginza-Otake-Visitation, 1-22-11, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6912-0584

Management Service

・TSUKIJI COOKING「TSUKIJI COOKING」(Authentic Japanese cooking class in Tokyo)
・The sunny table「The sunny table」(Team building cooking events, Professional service for food-related events )
・Japanese Cooking「Japanese Cooking」(Online Japanese culinary certificate programs )

Services provided

・Promotions for food manufacturers and local governments.
・Anniversary events, team building programs.
・Arrangement and promotion of food influencers and chefs
・Sales promotion and events.
・Planning and production of websites, videos, and advertising materials.