Please leave cooking video production to us!
One-stop service for selection of chef, menu development, shooting/editing, shooting/editing, translation, andnarration.
Why Food
Selecting a chef who matches your wishes and proposing a menu development plan
We can develop menus by chefs who match your requests, from Michelin chefs to famous chefs, culinary researchers, influencers, and more.
Providing the best video production and services to meet your requests
We will make the best proposal after listening to the details of your request, such as a video that focuses on hands only or a video featuring a chef.
Translation and narration services are also available
Translations will be proofread by a native speaker, and narrations performed by a native speaker will be inserted.
We specialize in teaching cooking
Based on our experience of teaching Japanese cuisine to more than 30,000 people since 2013, we will produce videos with key points that consumers want to know.

Extensive experience in cooking video production
Since we work closely with “The Association for the Advancement of the Japanese Culinary Art” to certify cooking techniques for Japanese cuisine, we have extensive experience in producing cooking videos.
Web production and promotion for overseas and Japan are also available.
Web production that takes SEO measurements into consideration.
A wide variety of services to meet your needs
Food's strength lies in the variety of services we offer to meet our customers' requests.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about cooking video production.
We will propose the best service and plan for you.

Those who want to propose the attractiveness of the food and its use to people foreign and domestic.

It is a very effective sales tool because it greatly contributes to food ingredient sales through its continuous use in business meetings, on websites, in stores, etc.

Those who want to introduce how to cook ingredients to people foreign and domestic through videos.

Even if the ingredients are good, won’t the failure to teach the proper usage of those ingredients lead to opportunities lost?
Why don't you actively use videos for your customers with QR codes, websites, social media, in-store, etc?

Those who want to create cooking videos for employee and part-time worker training.

Do you have enough personnel to train employees and part-time workers? By allowing the workers to repeatedly watch cooking procedures through videos, the videos will act as training resources that will lead to operational efficiency and workload reduction.